Update on COVID19 – Looking to 2021

In May 2020, Ocean Light II Adventures developed enhanced COVID-19 protocols and best practices to align with the Public Health and Safety Guidelines and WorkSafeBC safety plans. As a member of the Small Ship Tours Operators Association of BC, Ocean Light II Adventures assisted in developing the new best practices and protocols for all the Association members to follow. We then developed these best practices and protocols further to fit specifically to the Ocean Light II with numerous updates as more information on COVID-19 was made available.

The health and safety of our guests, crew, remote communities, indigenous partners, and elders remain our top priority and we feel that these Best Practices and Protocols reflect that philosophy. Although we have made some changes to how we operate our trips, we believe the changes are well worth it in order for all of us to safely enjoy the healthy splendor of our remote and beautiful coast.

While 2020 saw the closure of most of the Central and North Coast due to concerns of COVID-19 in remote First Nations communities, we were able to operate our four marine mammal trips out of Port McNeill. We felt so fortunate to get out on the water and escape with our guests to the rich waters of Northern Vancouver Island. These trips gave us an opportunity to test our COVID-19 plans and determine what worked (and didn’t) for guests, crew and the vessel. We must thank all our passengers who were kind, calm and gave us great feedback!

For 2021, we are creating a more practical and comprehensive COVID-19 plan. Prior to trip departures the guests will be required to participate in the most up to date screening, testing and immunization protocols available. During the voyage everyone will continue with the on board procedures and practices that promote passenger safety while respecting our passenger’s expectations of wilderness exploration and experiences.

It will be critical that all guests be well informed and in agreement with the Ocean Light II Adventures COVID-19 Plan, Terms and Conditions, Trip Cancellation and  Insurance Options. Please review our  Ocean Light Adventures Covid-19 Plan 2022 so that you understand what is expected of you, your fellow guests and the crew in order to keep each other as safe and healthy as possible before, during and after your trip.