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1. Booking Process & Trip Information: Your trip booking is considered official when we have received your deposit, completed Release of Liability Form and Terms and Conditions Form. The main information document for your trip is the Detailed Information Package. The package includes travel information, recommended clothing and gear and more. It should answer all of your questions about the trip but if you still want more information please contact us.

2. Your Privacy: Respecting your privacy and personal information is important to us. To process your booking and to be fully prepared to serve your needs (including but not limited to, your safety in the event of a medical emergency), Ocean Light Adventures needs to collect personal details from you including contact information and details relating to any disability or medical condition etc. Ocean Light Adventures will not share this information with other parties without your express permission and we take full responsibility for ensuring security measures are in place to protect your information.

3. Pricing: All our prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and are subject to a 5% Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST).

4. Cancellation & Refund Policy: Ocean Light Adventures is a small family-run company which operates in a unique industry with a short season and high annual operating expenditures. Because non-refundable expenses for an individual trip occur several months prior to the trip start and there is limited ability to fill spaces on short notice, full refunds are rarely possible and should not be expected.

There are two categories of cancellations:
1. Cancellation of a trip by the company due to circumstances within reasonable control of Ocean Light Adventures such as, but not limited to, mechanical failure, damage to the vessel or insufficient bookings. In this instance, all money received by the participant will be refunded. Any additional expenses incurred due to the cancellation will be the responsibility of the participant.
2. Cancellation of a trip due to circumstances beyond reasonable control of the company such as, but not limited to, the participant’s decision to cancel, Federal, Provincial and Territorial travel restrictions, Park closures, extreme weather and geological events, labour disputes, or failure by suppliers. Any additional expenses incurred due to the cancellation will be the responsibility of the participant. In this instance, refunds will be dispersed in the following way:

  • 365 to 90 days prior to trip departure:
    Full refund of deposit less $400 per participant administration fee
  • 89 days or less prior to trip departure:
    No refund

If a participant decides to cancel after their full payment, they may receive a full refund less a $400 per participant administration fee if they or Ocean Light Adventures can find a suitable replacement to take their spot on the trip.

The date of cancellation is the date Ocean Light Adventures receives your written notice of cancellation.

5. Payment Schedule: A deposit of $1000.00 CAD is due at time of booking. Final payment is due 90 days prior to your trip.

Payment options:

-By cheque. Please make payable to Ocean Light Adventures and mail to:
Ocean Light Adventures
1543 Park Ave
Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W2

-By Email (Interac e-Transfer). For Canadians only.
Send to adventure@oceanlight.ca

-By "Wise". For US and International clients.
Offers great exchange rates and no hassles. Contact Jenn for details.

-By International Wire Transfer. For International clients, excluding Americans. A $20 transfer fee per transaction (deposit & final) will be added to total cost.

6. Travel/Cancellation Insurance: We highly recommend that you speak with a travel insurance agent to obtain comprehensive insurance coverage including without limitation, medical, trip cancellation & interruption, emergency evacuation, accident and baggage insurance. It is the responsibility of the participant to secure insurance that safeguards them for all the eventualities that can occur on your trip with Ocean Light Adventures. Additional expenses are the full responsibility of the participant. Any losses experienced as a result of incorrect travel planning or not securing adequate insurance will also be the full responsibility of the participant.

7. Accommodation during the Trip: On board Afterglow I, each person will have a berth assigned upon arrival. There are three double cabins with single beds and one double cabin with a double bed. Single participants may be required to share a cabin with someone of the same gender.

8. Early Departure from Trip: If a participant must leave the trip before its completion for medical or other reasons, they will be responsible for all costs associated with their departure. Participants acknowledge that other participants may be forced (through illness or injury) to depart early from the trip and Ocean Light Adventures will not be held responsible for any change in plans or to the itinerary that result from such departures.

9. Additional Trip Fees: Ocean Light Adventures will provide all normal operating expenses during the trip beginning after breakfast on Day 1 until after breakfast on last day and agrees that no further charges will be made to the participant. Normal operating expenses include, but not limited to, Park Fees, First Nations Conservation and Stewardship Fees, meals, beverages, accommodation and other costs or donations during the trip. Trip fees do not include transportation to/from trip start or end points, meals and accommodation prior to Day 1, or any expenses after trip completion.

10. Itinerary or Route Changes: The participant acknowledges that the trip route and/or itinerary may be altered or changed as a result of forces (including weather, evacuations, emergency response) beyond the control of Ocean Light Adventures and agrees to release Ocean Light Adventures and waive any claim resulting from these changes.

11. Travel to Trip Start Point: The participant is responsible for making all necessary arrangements for travel to trip start/end point.

12. Physical Requirements: While this trip is not physically demanding, some mobility and agility is required. Participants will be expected to be able to move up and down the boarding and companionway ladders with ease. On rare occasions there may be a chance of rough water on these trips and travel in the inflatable can sometimes be bumpy. The participant acknowledges that they can meet the physical requirements.

13. Participant Responsibilities: Participants must be amenable to the realities and compromises associated with living in the relatively close quarters of a 60 ft. boat. Participants also agree to follow all written and verbal rules and instructions of safety provided by the crew.

14. Use of Drones: At this time the use of drones is prohibited on all trips.

15. No Smoking Policy: To conform to British Columbia’s Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act we cannot permit the smoking of tobacco or cannabis or the use of e-cigarettes (vaping) on the trips.


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