Afterglow update!

Afterglowa glow remaining where a light has disappeared;
the feelings after a good or successful experience;
light or radiance remaining in the sky after the sun has set.

The Afterglow has been in the ship yard for a couple of months so it’s time for an update!

Passenger safety and comfort has always been a top priority at Ocean Light Adventures, that certainly hasn’t changed with the Afterglow!

We have been working closely with Transport Canada and marine architects to bring the Afterglow up to the highest safety standards for a passenger vessel of her size. This meant the removal the electrical system and most of the interior finishes that no longer met the recent fire safety standards. It took almost seven weeks to get her to a “clean slate” so we could start the rebuilding process. We have adjusted the floor plan slightly to provide more cabin and deck space which has kept our carpenter and two fiberglass experts extremely busy! The Ocean Light Adventures “in house” rebuild team of Jenn Broom, Chris Tulloch and Chris Hockey are very excited about the amazing transformation taking place on the Afterglow.

The Future looks bright!