2019 Cetacean Sightings Network Award

Once again Ocean Light II Adventures was awarded “Top Reporter” status in the Ecotourism Category by the B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network (BCCSN)! Every season we log and report our cetacean sightings to the BCCSN run by the Ocean Wise Research Institute. By reporting sightings, researchers are able to better understand the relative abundance, distribution, and habitat use of B.C.’s threatened and endangered cetaceans and sea turtles. Of the 23 species of whales, dolphins, porpoises and sea turtles in British Columbia, 12 are listed under the Species at Risk Act as Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern. Information about the distribution and abundance of species is key to both understanding the status of the species, and whether the status of the population is improving, steady or declining. The dedication and commitment to support cetacean research comes from Captain Chris Tulloch who has had the privilege to work with many of the great cetacean research pioneers like John Ford, Jim Darling, Flip Nicklin and Fred Sharpe.