Ocean Light Adventures Covid-19/Communicable Disease Plan,  2024

As of April 8, 2022, businesses in British Columbia will no longer need a COVID-19 safety plan. Businesses must follow communicable disease guidance from WorkSafeBC which focuses on hygiene, cleaning practices and ventilation.

To keep our passengers, crew, and surrounding communities as safe as possible, Ocean Light Adventures has developed the following practices and protocols beyond what is required by the Provincial Health Authority:

Vaccinations: Although proof of Covid-19 vaccinations will no longer be required under a public health order to access businesses, we strongly encourage that all guests be up to date on their vaccinations and boosters. If a guest becomes ill during the trip and is required to get medical assistance they will be responsible for all costs associated with their departure.

Symptoms of sickness: We are asking all passengers and crew not to board the vessel if they are sick. Bringing a communicable disease on board the Afterglow I will put the trip in jeopardy and will heavily impact fellow passengers, crew, and the business.

COVID-19 Testing: Currently there is no requirement for testing prior to, during or after the trip. We will have antigen tests on board if we are directed by a health authority to test a passenger or crew member.

Masks: Wearing masks in public indoor settings is not required by public health. Wearing a mask is a personal choice and it’s important that we respect the choices of one another. However, if anyone on board shows signs or symptoms of a communicable disease, we may require everyone to wear a mask. Please remember to bring your own masks as outlined in the trip equipment list.

Hygiene: You will be required to practice good hygiene, and practice proper respiratory etiquette.

Pre-trip planning: In consideration of your fellow passengers, crew and the business, we kindly ask that all participants take precautionary measures and be socially responsible to minimize their exposure to COVID-19 and other communicable diseases starting 14 days prior to their trip departure date.

This plan is subject to change and will be amended and updated to reflect the most recent information and requirements.